Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dudson Jasperware Cheese Dome And Pitcher, Antique Valentines

Hi there! I hope your weekend is going well.  I am stoked because it's almost Valentine's Day, our anniversary and I had a great conversation with a customer who is a Dudson jasperware collector. Most people have heard of jasperware, but automatically think of Wedgwood when they do. But...other companies made it as well.

Jasperware is a matte finish stoneware that usually has a contrasting color applied decoration, often referred to as sprigged. The colors are varied from black to white and everything in between. Here is a typical piece of Wedgwood jasperware.

Other companies have made jasperware over it's 200 year history but are not as famous as Wedgwood. These include Adams,Copeland, Castleton and Dudson. I really like them all. But I recently had 2 pieces of Dudson jasperware that I sold to a Dudson collector. She has been collecting for 25 years and we had a great phone discussion about jasperware, Dudson and England. Dudson manufactured jasperware down through the 1960s. But the best made were the older Victorian pieces. Here are the pitcher and cheese dish or cheese dome the collector purchased. Note the lovely work on the applied design. Just as nice as Wedgwood.

the Jasperware category at Time Was Antiques is here:  JASPWEWARE

And this is really the fun part...and doesn't always happen. The collector sent me photos of how the items she purchased fit in with her current collection. 

Can you spot the pitcher and cheese dome on the shelf above the bottom shelf? A lovely collection and I loved seeing where my items will be living. So nice to send them off to a loving home!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Valentine's Day. You might want to visit Sandi on Monday for her Valentine's Day Tea.

And also join Antiques And Teacups on Tuesday for Tuesday Cuppa Tea:

Where there is a great drawing coming up:

Happy Valentine's Day!



Het lijstje van brocante said...

Hi Ruth,

What a beautiful color this is!! I love the black jasper ware.
You have a very nice blog also like to follow you.
Because I love England.
With warm greetings from the Netherlands,

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Wow, you have a huge awesome collection of Jasperware! Whoo!

Thanks for sharing, and for the education of it, I had little knowledge of it prior to this.

Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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