Saturday, November 19, 2011

English Tea Sayings, The Queen's Tea From Darville's Of Windsor

Good morning! And a bright frosty Saturday morning it is! 

I just found at the back of my bookshelf a book I bought in England on a buying trip at a National Trust shop called Mothballs And Elbow Grease: origins and meanings of household sayings.

I found a few that are tea related to share:

Afternoon Tea

The Victorian love of taking 'afternoon tea' led to the common description of such sectors of society where it was favored as 'afternoonified', meaning smart. For many a Scottish schoolboy, however, the prospect of 'afternoon tea' was not a pleasant one, as it was a euphemism for detention.

Break The Teapot

In the Victorian era, moderation was admired if not always maintained. If someone changed their habits and eschewed abstinence for alcohol, he was said to have 'broken the teapot'.
Born With A Silver Spoon In One's Mouth

The spoon alluded to is an Apostle's Spoon, a traditional christening present from a godparent. The expression suggests, however, that a child born into a wealthy family would have no need to wait for such a gift for his first taste of luxury. A complete set of Apostle's Spoons was, nonetheless, a generous gift. There are 12, each with a different apostle at the top of the handle, sometimes even an additional Master Spoon and Lady Spoon would be included.

From the archives of Time Was Antiques

I also wanted to share with you where you can find the tea Queen Elizabeth II is said to favor for her morning tea whilst in residence at Windsor Castle. There is a tea merchant in Windsor, England in the town below the castle called Darville's Of Windsor. Several of their brands bear the Royal Warrant, which means they supply the Royal family. We bought some of Darville's  English Breakfast and then were told it was Her Majesty's favorite of a morning. 

We haven't seen any here in the US, but one of the Brit foods and tea suppliers we buy from is The Darville's English Breakfast is listed on the website, so if you want to have the Queen's Breakfast is your chance! We quite liked it! 

Have a great Saturday...we are off to holiday bazaars and craft shows which is a fun way to ease into the season.

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