Friday, November 20, 2009

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Plaques Chrome

Time Was Antiques just added this great pair of British Royal memorabilia plaques or wall plates. The plaques or plates feature photos under glass of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1953 for the coronation. The thing that is cool about this (besides their being so young) is the punched chrome border with the cutouts being crowns. I am a sucker for unusual things like that. I think they are so cool!!! She was a lovely lady and he was quite handsome. Ah youth. Now in their 80s things have changed. For more info about the plaques you can go to:

A fun link is the Royal Channel on youtube...who knew??? Its been going for a bout 2 years ago. I mentioned it in my newsletter about then anyway. Lots of fun info and videos.
The Royal Channel

Weather this last few days is typically pacific northwest. Rain, then some rain & then a bit of rain. We in Sequim (called the Blue Hole from the view pilots got as they flew by) is better than most of the area. But we love it anyway.

Time Was Antiques will be adding lots of fun stuff as we go through the holidays and we are featuring a 15% or FREE shipping in the USA for orders over $50.00 through the end of November. You can check it out at Time Was Antiques.

Have a great weekend...lots of good seasonal cheer and Christmas arts & crafts shows to visit. Have fun!

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