Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back on the Blogging trail!!!

After being of the blog for a few months...settling in after a move coupled with our busiest season, I'm back at it.

Hope Valentine's Day was a sweet day. Today, the 16th is our 34th Wedding anniversary so we just got back from a fabulous dinner at our favorite restaurant in Sequim called Alderwood Bistro They do a cedar planked fish with fresh organic baby vegetables that is absolutely perfect! Slow food!!!!

Our websites had a wonderful holiday season with lots of business. We are back from a short after Christmas break and are busy loading inventory. We have a bit of stock left from last year's English buying trip and our next is coming up in April so I'm trying to get caught up.

We have published our February newsletter which can be read in it's intirety at Time Was home page at
The newsletter includes a Chocolate Brownie Scone recipe that is tasty!

I was also interviewed in the current issue of Tea House Times by Lady Gayle. You can access that at

We have been adding some great items. We have added some English hallmarked silver watch fobs and watch fobs used as necklace pendants were featured in the January issues of both Victoria Magazine and Country Living. Amazing! They are certainly a fun accessory and I am thrilled that these wonderful ltiile collectibles is gaining recognition and appreciation.
You can see our current stock of these little cuties at Time Was Antiques . Watch fobs were a victorian must-have to decorate a pocket watch chain. Sometimes they were purely decorative and sometimes they were awards and medals. Mostly sterling silver but sometimes decorated with gold appliques or enamel work, with or without a monogram. Many were little works of art with engraving and beautiful cut work as you can see in the example above. They are certainly a neat collectible today.

Well, back to adding inventory to the websites. We recently opened a carton from our last buying trip to England with an estate collection of salts and a collection of British royal commemoratives we acquired while there so look for those items in our New Items category.

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