Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Nov. 20th What A Day!

It's almost over!!! What a day!!! Too much to chronicle, but...found out the spam ate some important emails, had an item arrive broken. THAT was incredible, only the 3rd in 8 years and it was a heavy stoneware pudding mold packed in bubble and a syrofoam container. What did they DO to it!!!

There was good news though. Kids & grandkids coming for Christmas and we found a pet friendly hotel here in Ashland that will be happy to take their 3 dogs. Awesome!

Other good news, our order of our favorite Ty-phoo English tea arrived. We've been having to drink american. Just not the same. Oh well.

Am now going to help a neighbor print out a boarding pass...hasn't ever done it before.
Cheers, Ruth

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