Friday, September 4, 2009

Open Salt Antique Waffle Zipper Scalloped Canada

So..where do you park you chewing gum at night?????
If you are looking for a stylish receptacle, try an antique open salt, salt dip or salt cellar.

I've been talking about affordable collectibles lately, and open salts definitely fit that category. They are small, still practical and useable and pretty affordable as collections go.

This little cutie is from Canada, or so the authors of the great open salt reference book 5,000 Open Salts: A Collector's Guide by Wm Heacock and Patricia Johnson inform us. This little salt was made around 1900. Cute for being so old...and in great shape, too!!! I should be in such shape at over 100 years old!!!

Anyway, open salts can be used as a place to park your gum, a place for your rings or for a bit of sauce at the dinner table. They also make great teabag holders. As I'm a fan to tea, that's a definite plus!

To check it out on my website, Time Was Antiques, go to:
Time Was Antiques Open Salts

A perfect nearly fall day here in the Pacific Northwest....around 70 and LOVELY!!! it is Washington, it's clouding up and we'll have some showers tonight, but that's normal.

Have a great Labor Day weekend...don't forget to put the flag out!

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